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Library Python Untuk Data Science

Pytorch is just a replacement of numpy (not fully). I made bunch of functions just special to signal processing. It is verbose but gives lots of power.

How long will it take to learn Data Science from scratch if one dedicate 10 hrs every week

Depends on your experience, background and learning speed.. you have to learn statistics, probability, linear algebra, matrices then python and/ R programming…and finally different data science methods and tools…. check out the book called Data Science from Scratch by Joel Grus and you will get an idea how long you might take.

Best books to learn python programming and machine learning?

Few books that benefited me till now are-

  1. Python machine learning by Sebastian Rashka,
  2. Hands on machine learning 2nd edition by Aurelien Geron (advance level)
  3. Pro deep learning by Santanu Patnaik(advance level)
  4. Build your own neural networks by Tarique Rashid(basic level) this one great for learning neural networks basics.
    In these books you’ll learn a lot about ML, DL and python best practices.
    For basic python
    You can go for learn python 3 the hard way

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